reasons to eat a banana everyday

since bananas have sweet taste and come in wrappers, make them more favorable for many people to eat any time the can. many people would be looking forward  to eat at least a banana each day if they knew  their nutritious value that it possess.

the following are some of the crucial nutrition content a banana contains.


a banana only contain 110 calories so you do not have to worry about weight issues like when you eat junk food. so next time you think of eating junk consider eating a banana instead.

2.fat and cholesterol free.

bananas are also healthy because they are naturally cholesterol and fat free. you can eat as many bananas as you may but the last thing you can worry about is becoming overweight.


a banana is known for its high content of potassium with over 400mg in a single average banana. potassium is necessary for nerve and muscle functioning in the body.

4.vitamin c

just like many other fruits bananas are a good source of vitamin c offering  up to 15% of the daily recommended dosage of vitamin c. an average banana contains up to 10mg of vitamin c. vitamin c is very important in the body for it boosts the immune system of a person and health in absorbing other nutrients such as iron.

5.vitamin b-6

banana is regarded as a surprise fruits for it offers this type of vitamin which is commonly found in animal products. vitamin b-6 is important for it helps in growth of new cells.


the body of an adult needs about 1.8 to 2.3mg of manganese for necessary for bone health and metabolism. bananas offers 3mg of this important content.


bananas offer dietary fiber that is important in keeping the digestive system running smooth.

8. other nutrients.

bananas also provides calcium, phosphorus, carotene and choline, vitamins, carbohydrates and traces of amino acids.



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